Saturday, January 30, 2010

Photos from Bhairahawa, Nepl

Fruit stand in Bhairahawa

Tailors working next to fruit stand in downtown Bhairahawa, Nepal

Morning outside our back deck... foggy, foggy, foggy...

Downtown Bhairahawa, Nepal

This lady looked like a haystack walking. She carries a similar load past our house each day to feed her buffalo or cow.

The site of ladies with their heads loaded with everything from dung (this lady) to bricks to sticks to large masses of hay or branches to sacks of potatoes and other things is common in Nepal. (Every once in awhile the men will pitch in!)

In and around the town of Bhairahawa (which is just a few miles from the Indian border) are small villages like this one.

Our twice daily diet of dahl baat (rice, watery lentil soup and usually overcooked vegetables) makes the fruit stands a welcome visiting spot. The oranges are delicious (although fairly expensive at 10 rupies each (there are 70 rupies to a dollar).

January mornings can be foggy and verrrrry chilly. While I resort to my long underwear and lots of layers of clothes, many people build small fires and gather around them for a morning chat. These ladies giggled and chatted while I took their photo and a large crowd gathered around us to admire the photo and the ladies' celebrity status.

Although Bhairahawa is fairly prosperous (despite the fact that they only have electricity around 11 hours each day), there is definitely a class system. This lady is obviously very poor but she gave me a big smile when I greeted her with "Namaste!" and snapped her photo.

Vegetable vendors line the streets of Bhairahawa

Married Lady (as indicated by red stripe on head)

Cute kid

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