Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Yarn Bombing in Nepal!

Finally did some yarn bombing (guerrilla installation of pieces of crochet) here in Nepal...hilarious!

Bicycle Rickshaw Bombing.... When the rickshaw driver walked up and saw me "bombing" his rickshaw, he stood there as if it was like any other normal event of the day... when I finished, he stood back, looked it over, approved it and then rode away on his bicycle rickshaw... As he pedaled away the yarn blended into the colorful surroundings as if it was just another patch of the Nepali fabric of (very colorful) life... And then another bicycle rickshaw pulled up and gestured me to do his rickshaw, too! Gotta love it!!


Rebecca said...

Love the yarn bombing in Nepal. Looked at your site for the first time and really dig the SCOPE of your work. So broad and gorgeous!
I just did my first yarn bomb... a shelf fungus on a tree outside my NYC apartment. Onward and upward!

Unknown said...

Awesome Carol! Do you mind if I put some of these pictures up and your story on the yarn bombing blog (with credit, of course!)

Hope all is well!


Anonymous said...

This was amazing! I cannot believe that they were insisting that you do other rickshaws too. That is beyond belief. Congrats, and keep spreading the yarn love!