Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Art Karavan begins!

Art Karavan International 2010 kicked-off in Shantiniketan, India. Approximately 20 artists from India and around the world gathered together to travel and make art. Inder Salim, who conceived and organized the event, opens the show.
Loom in the texile department at Shantiniketan's school of art

Yarnbombed mom and baby in Pearson Village... it was amazing how a piece of yarn bound friendships
Art Karavan spent a day in Pearson Village painting, singing, dancing, talking, and laughing
My bracelet project was born in Shantiniketan where I yarnbombed the kids by makingthem bracelets
Beatrice Didier of Belgium and Kata Lengelyn of Hungary dance with and for the villagers

Namaste! Thank you for your friendship!
What started as a spur-of-the-moment gesture ended as a way to get to know many of the villagers at Pearson Village
Kata Lengyel of Hungary dancing in Pearson Village, a tribal community near Shantiniketan
A typical hut in Pearson Village near Shantiniketan... the houses were very neat and clean and many were painted with artistic designs
A group of my new friends showing off their bracelets. These girls sang and danced for us and were great fun.
Kata dancing through the train and passengers during train from Shantiniketan to Kolkata

Kata painting wall of home in Pearson Village. One of the Art Karavan artists is spreading artwork through the villages by engaging them in creative projects. During our day in the village, many of the artists worked alongside the villagers to paint the walls of several buildings. Many of the drawings were created by the children and artists in the village.

Chapati maker Shantiniketan. The town was quite small and easy to get around, so we enjoyed wandering to the local restaurants for chai and dinner.
View from train window on way to Shantiniketan where Art Karavan 2010 kicked-off

Adorable performers on train ... wanted money but we gave them a few songs instead!
Yarn bombed our bicycle rickshaw on way to Pearson Village, a tribal community near Shantiniketan
The rickshaw driver seemed to like his yarnbombed rickshaw

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