Sunday, November 30, 2008

Bucket bath wisdom

November 5, 2008

Since sleep is out of the question (still queasy stomach) and activities are limited to reading, working on the computer, or washing my clothes, I worked on sorting Molly and Davey’s thousands of wedding photos (you KNOW you’re bored when…) and then washed my clothes along with my body in the bucket with the spigot (sounds like a totally wrong came of Clue).

There is a shower here, but there is no handle to turn the shower on. So bucket baths it is. I have discovered some poetic beauty in bucket baths, though. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Put some water in bucket with laundry detergent and dirty clothes.
  2. Get hair wet under spigot.
  3. Stand in bucket and agitate clothes while shampooing hair.
  4. Empty bucket of soapy water down squat toilet or on tile floor (whichever needs washing the most).
  5. Rinse hair and then rinse clothes.
  6. Soap up rest of body while agitating “rinse cycle” with feet.
  7. Rinse body and then rinse clothes again.
  8. Continue until body, clothes and bathroom are all spic-n-span!

Went to the office after breakfast (leftovers from last night…a definite pattern is developing…. I could only eat half… stomach not good) to check on the election results. Obama is ahead but long way to go. Talked to the director about the horrors of the circus children and how they manage to capture them back (have “4 Heroes” who are experts at this)… also the jail kids (if mother goes to jail, they go too or are left behind with or without family to care for them).

Worked on my mosaic despite stomach pains and sweats… got the heads of my parrots done and glued down (a miracle!) Lunch – incredibly, as mentioned in last post, was a stack of 8 Ritz crackers and a glass of water! (I got fancier “biscuits” and sugary tea, but really! Not enough to survive on!) But all for the best, I would’ve barfed if I had dinner/breakfast leftovers .

After “work” I tried to get my stomach settled but the local shop is out of water and told me to come back in an hour. So I’m passing time on the computer at the small desk and found the last volunteer’s teaching notes. Oh, my God! They (there were two) had lesson plans and projects and awards and grades, etc, etc. I can’t even communicate OR do mosaics! And I’ve got the poops!!! Not good.

One of the administrative people – Nadia – is coming tomorrow for 3 days… It’ll be nice to speak some English but even better to find out what the heck they expect of me. I’d LIKE to be productive but there are so many barriers…. iyiyiyi! I’ll just have to wait and see!

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