Sunday, November 30, 2008

Random notes from Nepal

Random Notes:
I was riding my bike into town today and passed a bicycle rickshaw with a well-dressed man talking on his cell phone… however, he was also holding two goats in his lap! He nodded cordially as I peddled past.

The Internet in Bhairawa is definitely the worst ever…. And I didn’t think you could ever beat some of the Internet Cafes in India. It has taken me FOUR DAYS (maybe a total of SIX HOURS!) to upload 8 photos. (Of course, in the first week I was here, I must admit that sitting in the small booths at the Internet Cafes was my sanctuary… didn’t have to speak either sign language or Nepalese for hours while I tried to get a message out to my English-reading buds) For the past 10 days, however, there has been a constant stream of UK people arriving and departing. I have been able to TALK, which all that know me is a blessing for Carol!

Last night, I spent TWO HOURS at the Internet Café… succeeded in uploading TWO photos before the power went out. I then had to bicycle home IN THE DARK through streets teaming with vehicles of all sorts, people,l children, oxen-driven carts. I really thought I’d surely collide with something or someone (probably a small child)… but I didn’t …. I made it home with only one small skid into a fetid ditch.

Bought some White Mischief on my way home…. The India travelers will surely remember that high proof life saver!

I’m becoming a “regular” on the streets…. A continuous song of “Hello! Hi! How are you? I am fine! Namaste!” follows me wherever I go.

The other day, two of giggling mosaic worker girls called me over and showed me a piece of paper on which they had laboriously written in ENGLISH : I LOVE EASY YOU. Ahhhhh, I love easy you, too!

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