Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Delhi -- an oven disguised as a ctiy

Had a terrific time in Srinagar living on a houseboat for 3 days (fantastic, peaceful, fun, delicious food, got lots of work done on the Pani Bachao! (Save Water!) project (duh! we were living on the water!!) By the time we left we had the boatpeople hollering Pani Bachao! to us whenever our boat paddled by...good fun.

Now we are in 100+ degree Delhi ... we're staying in a hotel (Good Day Cottages $400 rs/double/night) ... group life is over for us...the group is staying in dorm rooms at a school... they came here via a 30-hour bus ride from Srinagar (we flew 1 1/2 hrs)... yesterday, we hung out with Sanjeev Sinha (painter who was in charge of the Buddah Enlightenment project we did in Bodhgaya)... he's doing another Bodhgaya show next January (one month site specific work... probably will have a nice group of artists)

He's leaving for Amsterdam, so we spent a day and a half with him talking, eating and drinking with he and his friends, relaxing in his air conditioned studio, and trying to sort out his visa which had not arrived.

The gallery the Karavan is in today in Delhi (supposedly the "good one") won't let anyone hang anything on its walls! Only can use string...we, of course, were going to "wallpaper" a BIG wall with our that ends that idea. However, we came up with an alternative installation on some outside walls and it looks great. A student from Afghanistan volunteered to help us and we had an interesting chat with him and he told us some water stories in his language.

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